Our Mission and Approach

We at Ballmer Group envision a country in which every child, regardless of background and circumstance, has an equal chance to achieve the American Dream. We support efforts to improve economic mobility for children and families in the United States who are disproportionately likely to remain in poverty.

Too many children born into poverty in the U.S. have almost no chance to advance economically. That's unacceptable. We believe every child deserves an opportunity to get ahead and that communities can mobilize to help make that happen.

There is no "lightning bolt" – no single solution for addressing the multiple factors keeping people trapped in poverty. But when many parts of a community – nonprofits, government agencies, private companies, and philanthropy – work together in a focused way to help kids, new paths to opportunity open up, and more children and families benefit.

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Our Strategies

Mobilize communities as powerful engines of positive change for struggling families

In the U.S., zip code often predicts a child’s economic trajectory, and negative effects are disproportionately experienced by children of color.

Together, neighbors, neighborhoods, and communities can accomplish ambitious goals when they hold themselves accountable for results and continuous improvement. We have seen that committed, steadfast, local partnerships can improve the lives of people trapped in poverty when they measure what matters and share what works.

Promote more and better use of data to know which interventions work

We don’t have enough meaningful data to measure improvement, adjust to changing needs, and work across sectors.

We support efforts to increase the use of data and technology to drive decision-making and improve outcomes at the local, state, and national levels.

Partner with government to improve economic mobility

Although many services for our most vulnerable populations are primarily funded by public dollars, the complicated challenge of economic mobility requires that all sectors work together. 

Government does many things well, and private and corporate philanthropy can play a supporting role by taking risks on new approaches and encouraging innovation. We seek partnership with government at all levels to help promote the most effective use of tax dollars to help children, and we support advocacy around issues of economic mobility.

Strengthen nonprofit social service providers to support and stabilize families

The core health of the strongest nonprofits is challenged by restricted private funding and government contracts that often do not cover the full cost of services.

Nonprofits provide the support many families need in times of crisis. We provide support to ensure that strong nonprofits thrive, amplifying and scaling their work to improve the lives of more children and families.

Our Geographic Focus

Ballmer Group supports organizations and initiatives with local, regional, and national scale. We currently have offices in Bellevue, WA and Los Angeles, CA, and we plan to establish a presence in Detroit, MI.

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Our Leadership

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